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INVEMU - The Space Invaders Arcade Emulator


This is a little emulator I wrote in my spare time. It's written in plain C and works fine with any Pentium processor, under DOS or in a Windows95/NT DOS prompt window. The current one is the second public version. It runs the following games:

  • Space Invaders
  • Space Invaders Deluxe
  • Invaders' Revenge
  • Super Earth Invasion
  • Cosmic Monsters.
  • NEW! Lunar Rescue
  • NEW! Galaxy Wars
  • NEW! Space Attack II
InvEmu is easy to use: just unzip the archive (with -d option!), put the ROMs in the respective directory and then launch it.

InvEmu is FREEWARE: this means you can freely use and distribute it without paying, but you can' t sell it to gain money. INVEMU MUST BE DISTRIBUTED AS IT IS, without changing it and, before all, WITHOUT ROMs INSIDE.

If you have any problem or want to suggest anything, write me (but please, don't ask for ROMs!).

Stefano Vigliani (


Version 2.0 for DOS (binaries):

v. 1.0 - First Version:

  • Z80 emulation ok
  • Keyboard control
  • Sound emulated by sample
  • 1 or 2 players game
  • 5 games supported

v. 1.5 - The first relased version.

  • Separate directory added for all the game
  • Added documentation (this file)
v. 2.0 - Fair update
  • Added support for digital Joystick and Gamepad
  • Three new games supported: Lunar Rescue, Galaxy Wars and Space Attack II
To do:

Support for more games, or another project... Have to think about that! :)

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